Fix Your Gaze

Is it just me or is life getting more complicated?

And that can be true no matter how old or young you are. Recently I was talking to a high school student who said they were having trouble keeping their life organized and sane. Then I spoke with a retired person who said they wished they were working again so that they could get a rest!

Unfortunately, our lives are often hijacked by people, priorities and purposes that are of secondary importance. And the simple-but-problematic truth is that many of us struggle with layers of complexity that have somehow crept into our existence and fatigued our souls.

This is what we discussed on Sunday, May 13 at Westminster with a message called “Fix Your Gaze.” It was part of a series called “Simplify: How to simplify your life for God’s glory and your sanity.”

So wouldn’t it be great if we could be helped by biblical principles which simplify our lives? That’s the plan! Listen in.

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