Follow The Leader

If you’re not paying attention to who you’re following, you end up on the wrong path.

Christians try to “follow the leader.” They try—in their own broken way—to follow Jesus. But it’s easy for our understanding of Jesus to get distorted. Maybe we only read the Gospel stories we like (and shove aside the ones we don’t). Or maybe we’ve been influenced by the views of friends or family members, but which aren’t rooted in what he actually said and did.

So regaining a clear picture of who he actually was, and the kind of King he was (and is), is incredibly important to us.

If our understanding of Jesus is distorted, then we end up on the wrong path. But if our understanding is clear, we have a better chance of getting it right, and of being people who faithfully reflect the one we’re trying to follow.

On Palm Sunday (March 25) at Westminster this is what we talked about. We looked closely at John 12, defined true “humility” (with thanks to C.S. Lewis), and offered 5 ideas about how to cultivate real-world humility in our daily lives.

When we’re more clear about who Jesus is, we’re more clear about who we can be. The message is called “Follow the Leader.” Enjoy!


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