Forging Ahead when you Feel like a Failure

Forging Ahead when you Feel like a Failure

This week Pastor Ruttan shared a message called “Forging ahead when you feel like a failure” based on Elijah in 1 Kings 19: 1-18

He started off by stating that “With an unfailing God, failure is never final.”  Using numerous biblical examples from King David, King Solomon & Saul he showed us how many of the key figures in our Bibles did not come into their roles unblemished.  Moses had even killed someone. But, regardless, God had a purpose for them irrespective of their prior chapter of perceived failure.

Pastor Ruttan shared 4 truths we can forge ahead with even if we have failed – that this not God’s final chapter for us.  “Your previous chapter does not disqualify you from the next chapter.”

You can find sermon notes here.



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