Getting God’s Wisdom Into You

Recently I was asked this question: “How do we know what to take from the Bible and what’s not as important?”

It’s a great question. Maybe you have it too. After all, the Bible is huge. It’s sometimes complicated. Plus, how do you interpret confusing passages?

This is what I explored on July 16th at Westminster.

As a part of this, I offered 5 practical tools to help you seriously wrestle with, and better understand, the Bible. I hope the result is more wisdom for your decisions in life. The process isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it. As Thomas Merton said, “The Bible may be difficult and confusing, but it is meant to challenge our intelligence, not insult it.”

Listen in. The more you get into God’s wisdom, the more God’s wisdom gets into you. The message is called “Getting God’s Wisdom Into You.”

Note: You can access the handout that is mentioned here: 2017 07 16 Getting Gods Wisdom Into You-handout


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