God’s people, God’s priorities

God's people, God's priorities

This week, Pastor Ruttan began a new journey, taking us through Luke’s Gospel.  Building on his Christmas Eve message, he determined that a good study between Christmas and Easter, only 14 weeks away would be the Book of Luke.

As explained in a short video by Pastor Ruttan near the beginning of his message – Luke’s Gospel not only provides us with information of the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus like the other Gospels of Matthew, Mark and John – it has many details about Jesus and his life that are not found anywhere else.  He then goes onto focus on Luke 2: (41-52), particularly v. 49.  It is about the time that Mary & Joseph travelled from Jeruselum following a festival not realizing that Jesus was left behind.  His response?

“I must be about my father’s business.” Luke 2:49

What is the relevance to us in 2021?  God’s people pursue God’s priorities.  How?  This message provides some practical help.  Adding to last’s week’s suggestion from Rev. Patrick of having a fork as a reminder – a small addition takes the focus to God.  “Soli Deo Gloria”

You can find sermon notes for this message here.

This week we have a new feature. It includes extra material. Why? Because when Pastor Ruttan is preparing sermons, there is always additional research that is done, but which he doesn’t always share in the sermon itself. The podcast below presents it to you and is for those who are hungry to go deeper. Like a tree with deep roots, rising high, secure against the bracing winds of the world, and sharing life with others, so is God’s word to his disciples.


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