Why is the “good news” good for you?

If someone were to ask you what the “good news” or “gospel” of Christianity was, what would you say?

The good news (also sometimes translated as “gospel”) is central to the faith, but it is also frequently misrepresented. Is it that God loves you? Well, it’s true that God loves you, but it’s not the total good news. Is it that Jesus died to forgive your sins? Again, that’s a true statement, but it’s not the total good news.

On November 4 at Westminster, we looked more closely at what the good news actually is, and several biblical texts to uncover three reasons why the good news is in fact good news for you personally (and for all of us collectively). Some things you might expect to hear — others, maybe not so much.

N. T. Wright says it like this: “Get the gospel right, and everything else will come right.” Listen in!


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