What is hell like?

Last week we asked what heaven was like.

But on January 20th, we explored what is perhaps one of the most difficult questions of all: What is hell like?

Speaking about hell, C.S. Lewis wrote: “There is no doctrine which I would more willingly remove from Christianity than this, if it lay in my power.”

It’s not pleasant. But it’s vital that we talk about it. Why? Because Jesus did! And consider this: Jesus loves you too much to lie to you. If we choose to avoid the teachings about hell, we’re choosing to avoid the teachings of Jesus.

In this sermon our pastor debunks three untruths about hell, and then asks (and answers), ‘What is hell?’ ‘What is hell like?’ And, ‘What is hell for?’ He does so in a way that tries to honour the challenging and complicated nature of the subject.

The sermon is called “What is hell like?” Let’s journey together and do our best to live wisely—not based on what we want to be true, but on what actually is.


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