Heaven’s Expats

Heaven's Expats

This week, Pastor Ruttan focused us on Psalm 85.  He started with the phrase “Flavour your temporary homeland with the taste of your eternal homeland.”

In view of our Canada Day celebrations, he talked about how we are Canadian citizens (or your own country of residence) but also your citizenship is in heaven.  And which of those should have the highest level of loyalty.  He framed this as us being “Heaven’s Expats” and dwelling in our countries – wherever they may be – is in fact a temporary place of residence.  Our eternal residence resides with Jesus in Heaven.

Pastor Ruttan illustrated how our citizenship in Canada (which, of course, is important) relates to our Heavenly citizenship by discussing Psalm 85. He affirms from verses 10 & 11 that love, faithfulness, righteousness, & peace are the four things we should be striving for if we want the theme of verse 9 “Surely his salvation is near those who fear him, that his glory may dwell in our land.” to come true.






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