Hitched to Hope

Hitched to Hope

This Sunday’s message is called “Hitched To Hope,” and is Part 8 in the Down-To-Earth series which is taking us through the book of James.

Based on James 5:1-12, Pastor Ruttan shared with us a hopeful message that points us to the fact that perseverance is hitched to hope.  Using the text to build out five key applications that we can use today, during this challenging time of COVID-19, and other difficult periods in our lives;

  • First, be patient.
  • Second, be patient because suffering won’t last (Christ is coming).
  • Third, stand firm.
  • Fourth, don’t grumble against one another; but build each other up.
  • Fifth, look to the example of others who have persevered

Difficulty is a comma, not a period in the language of eternity

– Pastor Matthew Ruttan

Starting with the analogy of a truck pulling a trailer of heavy stones – we need to find something to hitch our hope to – and we do.


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