Holier with thou

Holier with thou

Holiness. It’s not really a popular topic. Saying we’re in the process of being made holy (or being made like Christ) can come across sounding superior, or that we’re better than we are.

And yet, the Bible says Jesus people are “being made holy.” What does that mean? And, more specifically, what is the role that other people play in your own holiness. Further still, what role do YOU play in the process of someone else’s holiness?

In this sermon from November 7, 2021 based on Hebrews 10:1-25, Pastor Ruttan takes us through the text to discuss the once-for-all sacrifice of Jesus, how we are ‘perfect’ before God, and how we are being made holy, with a specific eye to the role other people play in that process.

You can access the video or audio version of this sermon by the buttons provided in this post. In addition, Pastor Ruttan has been providing additional background to Bible passage that goes along with this sermon as a part of ‘The Pulse Podcast with Matthew Ruttan.’ You can hear that extra content here.


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