How To Advance World Peace

In North America, over 40 million people are diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. There is sabre-rattling between North Korea and America. There has been a deluge of natural disasters. Terror attacks continue in Las Vegas, Manhattan, and elsewhere. Plus, the past 100 years have been plagued with global conflict.

Some people just don’t want to think about it. But others long for a better world. So how do we get there? And how do followers of Jesus advance world peace, especially as a minority in our country?

November 5th was Remembrance Sunday at Westminster. We used it as an opportunity to try and answer this important question. And although you can’t always have a say in what happens AROUND you, you can have a say in what happens THROUGH you.

And that’s something all of us need to pay attention to—for ourselves, for our country, and for our world. The message is called “How to advance world peace.” Listen in.

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