How To Be Wealthy (without any money)

According to Mother Teresa, the spiritual poverty in the West is WORSE than the physical poverty in Calcutta. Wow. That’s a pretty huge statement. But why would she say that?

On October 29 at Westminster we had Part 2 in a mini-series called “Rich Man, Poor Man: What makes the rich poor, the poor rich, and how to be wealthy without any money.” We explored 1 Timothy 6 and asked how we can guard against using stuff, possessions and money to fill the spiritual and moral void that can be so prominent in our culture.

The biblical answer is definitely practical wisdom for the ages, especially in a society that constantly preaches “More! More! More!”

Listen in to the podcast. It’ll give you help as you try to live in a way that is (truly) wealthy.

The message is called, “How to be wealthy (without any money)”

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