Imperfect People are Perfect Opportunities

We live in a highly individualistic society. With iPads, drive thru windows, and personalized almost-anythings, we seem to love minimizing inconvenience.

So it’s easy to bring that same perspective to our faith. We can make it about “me and God” and ignore the massive and transformative role other people play in our lives and faith.

On one hand, I get that. Different people have different opinions and do things differently–and that’s not always easy to live with!

But here’s the thing. Life is a team sport. So is faith. It’s more like baseball than it is like running a 100-metre sprint. We need other imperfect people if we’re going to thrive.

So on April 30 I started a new series called “Team – Why you need other imperfect people in the game of life and faith.”  Part 1 is called “Imperfect People are Perfect Opportunities.” Listen in!

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