In a new and uncertain era, what is our stronghold and purpose?

In a new and uncertain era, what is our stronghold and purpose?

Mark Sayers makes the case that we are at the start of a new era.

When you look back on human history you can see how one era gives way to another. The early 1500’s was the start of a new era; so was the industrial revolution.

Sayers says that we are in the midst of a transition of the same scope—right now. Granted, we don’t know what this new era will look like. We are in an in-between period—a “gray zone,” as he calls it. In biblical terms, this is like being in the “wilderness.”

There is increased uncertainty, increased anxiety, and increased complexity.

To whom do we turn at a time like this? Who are we called to be?

This sermon from July 17, 2022 explores John 7:25-52 and Jesus’ dramatic teaching at the Feast of Tabernacles to give us guidance.

You can access the video or audio version of this sermon by the buttons provided in this post. In addition, Pastor Ruttan has been providing additional background to Bible passage that goes along with this sermon as a part of ‘The Pulse Podcast with Matthew Ruttan.’ You can hear that extra content by clicking here.


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