In good hands

In good hands

A lot of people feel like they are barely hanging on.

Perhaps you are struggling with depression or anxiety. Maybe your family is experiencing fracture. Maybe you’re a professional and you feel like your work situation is an ongoing kind of shell shock. Perhaps you are withdrawing more and more into yourself and are unable to foresee a time when you’ll ever emerge. Maybe you’re a parent of a child whose world has been turned upside down because of the pandemic.

So at a time like this, is there a word from God for us on Palm Sunday? Yes. In this sermon based on Luke 19:28-44 Pastor Ruttan explores the Palm Sunday story about Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and consider a much neglected facet and implication of his Kingship in our lives.

Recently, we have also been including extra background research on the passage from the sermon in a segment called “Growing Deeper.” It is prepared by Pastor Ruttan as a part of The Pulse Podcast and is here included in listening format:



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