Is There Evidence for the Resurrection?

“How do I know whether or not the resurrection actually happened?”

I remember overhearing someone ask that question once. The reply they received to a legitimate and well-meaning question was something like this: “Well, you just have to believe.”

I don’t think that’s a good enough answer.

After all, if we’re supposed to love God with our whole heart, soul, MIND, and strength, our reason should be a contributing factor to our faith, especially when it comes to something as crucial as the resurrection. Reason to your faith is like the walls to your house — it gives it strength, structure, and guards against collapse.

This’s what we explored at Westminster on April 8th. A few of the points may surprise you, and I’m pretty sure they’ll strengthen the foundation (and walls) of your faith. The message is called “Is there evidence for the resurrection? (The rush of reason)” Listen in!

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