Lead With Love

“Unless we are the church for others, we are not the church at all.” So said Dietrich Bonhoeffer. What he meant was that unless we are proactive in how we love, care for and bless the people around us, we’ve failed in our calling to be God’s people. Love is huge! (It’s also hard.)

So on January 22nd at Westminster I offered Part 3 in a series called “Peachy – How to have confident convictions and lead with love when others think your faith makes you foolish or fanatical.” In this final installment I focused in on Paul’s advice to “value others above yourselves.” Since this is easy to say and hard to do (!) I offered 6 practical suggestions for how to make that happen.

This final message in the series is called “Lead with Love.” Listen in. I hope your find it helpful, practical and full of hope.


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