If you claim to have a life-changing faith

Sometimes we need a bigger perspective—a higher perspective. Here’s why.

The word “repentance” can seem like a big bad word in today’s world where many people live by the mantra, ‘Just do whatever makes you happy!’

But repentance, when understood correctly, actually brings more joy, more abundance, and more goodness into our lives (not less).

So on December 9 at Westminster we explored how. It can actually make your Advent and Christmas more…


In this 28-minute message you’ll be given some encouragement, a challenge, and an invitation, all on the heels of John the Baptist’s teaching to “Produce fruit in keeping with repentance” (Luke 3:8).

[ The 1-page handout that was referenced can be downloaded here: 2018 12 meaningful insert half ]

The message is called “If you claim to have a life-changing faith.” Listen in here!


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