Memorable is Portable: The Most Famous Proverbs, Part 1

Memorable is Portable: The Most Famous Proverbs, Part 1

We’ve seen it play out a hundred times in movies or books. A village is under attack. The people need to flee. “Only take what is necessary! Leave everything else behind!” Forget furniture, food or extra clothes. The villagers can only take what is accessible and portable.

Andy Stanley says that “memorable is portable.” If you can remember something, you can take it with you. Even though it’s not a material thing, it is available for use wherever you go.

Enter the proverbs. They are short, to-the-point, practical, memorable and portable. We can carry them with us through life. They help us live wisely daily no matter who or where we are, and no matter if we’re fleeing attack or safe in our homes.

This sermon explains what the proverbs are and how they function. It also highlights twelve of the most famous proverbs (with sixteen more coming next week). With each proverb we ask what principle it teaches and then how God might use that principle for good.

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