God’s miracles follow God’s mission

When you read the Bible miracles are all over the place. Moses hears from God at a bush that isn’t burned up, water is turned into wine, and corpses come back to life.

And if we’re honest, there’s a lot of skepticism. A lot of people discount the miraculous. And a lot of people think that miracles may have happened a long time ago, but doubt they happen today.

That’s why I started a new teaching series on September 9th about miracles.

For Part 1 I interviewed Will Han, a serial church planter, pastor, and the Executive VP of Lausanne Movement Canada. He’s also a good friend of mine!

He speaks about his own skepticism, but also the mind-blowing healings he’s been a part of while on mission. Part 1 is all about considering possibility…

The podcast is called “God’s miracles follow God’s mission.” Listen in! Be challenged and inspired.


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