Hanging by a thread (When miracles DON’T happen)

Have you ever prayed for a miracle and it didn’t happen? Have you ever wondered why God didn’t act? Have you ever been told that you just didn’t believe enough?

In these moments we can feel very alone or angry or disillusioned—as if God’s apparent silence meant (or means) that he doesn’t care… or maybe isn’t even real.

If you’ve ever had those thoughts, Part 3 in the Miracles series is for you.

In this message from September 23, we dispel one of the biggest myths about why miracles don’t happen, and then dive into some of the theoretical reasons about why some miracles might not happen, and also some of the practical down-to-earth considerations to keep in mind in the midst of struggle.

The message is called “Hanging by a thread (When miracles DON’T happen).” Listen in! Be challenged and inspired.


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