Not limited by your limitations – a review of James

Not limited by your limitations - a review of James

This week was the final installment from our Down-to-Earth series, a line by line review of the book of James.  Pastor Ruttan asked us to consider this thought at the start of the message which is from Pastor Brady Boyd, who said, “We’re into microwaving when God’s into marinating!” He then went on to focus on the key points that we have covered during the series asking us to consider this question;

“What is a key insight or learning that you have taken from the book of James which has been helpful or illuminating to you personally.”

Consider the statment and question as you view or listen to this message.  (And the prior messages from the past 9 weeks if you haven’t had a chance to review them.)  What is helpful to you?  Are you into microwaving?  Marinating?

Pastor Ruttan near the end states that “God is not limited by your (our) limitations.”  In a challenging chapter of life such as we are in, why is this good news?  Hear why.

You will find this week’s sermon notes here.


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