One Heartbeat Away From Meeting Your Maker

We live in the age of distraction. Researchers even talk about “DAF – Directed Attention Fatigue.” Our brains have to work incredibly hard to wade through the information that is hurtling toward us at breakneck speeds.

The result is that we’re mentally tired, leaving us fatigued. When that happens, not only is it hard to know our priorities, but to live them out on a daily basis. We’re too bamboozled to stay focused.

Here’s why all this is important: Every one of us is one heartbeat away from meeting our Maker. It could happen at any time. So doesn’t it make sense to ensure you’re ready?

On September 10th at Westminster, we explored Psalm 90:12 and wrestled with this question: “How can I organize my life now—today—so that I am at peace and ready to meet my Maker at any moment?” It might be the most important question you ever ask, and answer.

Listen in. The message is called, “One heartbeat away from meeting your Maker.”

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  1. Eileen Egyedy, Halifax N.S. : September 12, 2017 at 9:20 am

    If a profound speaker can give one “food for thought” that provokes insight to the listener…then the presenter has the potential to influence the thinking of others that can make a difference. Every time I listen to your sermons, I get one tiny message that “strikes my attention”. I like this statement today about the football player…”When I loose on Sunday, I have enough leftover…powerful statement…I get it. Matthew, you have the gift of the word…thank you for the message today.

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