Is the point of life to be a good person?

Is the point of life to be a good person?

That’s certainly what a lot of people think. And it’s not like there isn’t SOME truth in that statement—there is. But it certainly isn’t the WHOLE truth. If we think it is, we’re actually leading ourselves toward a less joyful and less meaningful life.

This is what we discussed in Part 3 of our current teaching series: “Oops! – Half-truths we believe, how they hurt us, and how biblical truth can get us back on track.”

On July 29th at Westminster we explored John 17, some of the malaise of modern society, and what the point of life actually is.

Listen in!

[Please note that there’s about 5 minutes of slight static half-way through the podcast. Sorry!]

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  1. Irene Dmyterko : August 12, 2018 at 10:47 am

    What a beautiful sermon….always a message for me to follow and try and live more to the person Christ wants me to be. Thank-you

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