Prayer for the Weary

Prayer for the Weary

The start of this message is our own Pastor Ruttan, who is off on study leave this week, introducing Reverend Joseph Bae, who has been serving the English-speaking ministry of Vaughan Community Church since 2005. Prior to becoming their lead pastor since 2010, he served in leading the praise and music ministry. Joe was born and raised in Edmonton, AB, and moved to Toronto to study at Knox College (M.Div).  He delivers a message of help and hope during this drawn out time of dealing with COVID-19.

In the message, Reverend Bae starts off  with the contrasting response from pre-COVID times to now to this question – “How are you doing?”  Based on Psalm 73:21 – 26 he goes on to explore why we respond the way that we often do now -“cannot complain” verses the “busy!” of pre-COVID times.  Even if we are, like Asaph, embittered and tired.  Our “surge capacity” has perhaps been reached at a time when our usual go-to sources of support – family, friends and church are not easily available.  How can we better respond to our weariness? Reverend Bae brings a focus to v. 26 – “God is the strength of my heart” and encourages us to take the hand he is offering to us.


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