Ready for the Return of Christ?

“Jesus is coming back soon — look busy!” That was a bumper sticker I once saw. It made me laugh!

And although busyness isn’t the issue (faithfulness is), it reminded me of something vital: That we need to strive to live in a certain way as we await the incredible day when Jesus comes back to judge the world, end all evil and pain, and make all things new.

On October 14 at Westminster we talked about this through the lens of Matthew 25:14-30. It teaches us not just to wait for Jesus, but to work for Jesus. God gives each of us specific things of value in our lives which we are to use and steward wisely, things which in turn add value to other people’s lives.

Listen in to learn what, why and how. The message is called: “Ready for the Return of Christ?”


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  1. Eileen Egyedy, Halifax N.S. : October 16, 2018 at 6:20 pm

    Once again, I am in a “thinking” state of mind after listening to Matthew Ruttan’s talent for story telling backed up with Biblical evidence.
    Thank you for your gifts to your virtual audience.

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