Redefining L.S.D.

Redefining L.S.D.

What do you think of when you hear L.S.D.?  Probably a psychoactive street drug that is definitely not good.

Today’s message seeks to redefine those letters into something practical that we can apply to our day to day lives that does not involve any drugs.  This message is based on Luke 5:1-11, a well-known story about Jesus encouraging Peter (along with James and John) to recast their nets to catch some fish.  Pastor Ruttan provides us with a different perspective on this story encouraging us to;

  • L – Learn
  • S – Speak
  • D – Do

Find out more about this passage and learn how to apply this new twist on this acronym by watching or listening to this message.  You can find sermon notes to accompany it here.

Below you will find Pastor Ruttan’s podcast.  It contains extra material from additional research that is done, but which he doesn’t always share in the sermon itself.  It is for those who are hungry to go deeper. Like a tree with deep roots, rising high, secure against the bracing winds of the world, and sharing life with others, so is God’s word to his disciples.



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