How do I respond more effectively when someone questions my faith?

“You don’t actually believe in God, do you?” “Why would you read the Bible?” “Why in the world do you go to church?”

Have you ever been asked any of those questions?

Last year I did a survey of topics. Turns out that more of you wanted to know about how to respond more effectively when someone questions your faith, than you did to other huge questions like “Why would a loving God send people to hell?” or even “Why do bad things sometimes happen to good people?” That tells me that many of us often feel overwhelmed and/or unprepared to respond effectively to questions about their faith.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.

On March 11 at Westminster, we offered some help by looking at 1 Peter 3:13-16. We explored five biblical tips to help you respond to questions about what you believe—faithfully and respectfully. You’ll feel more confident (and more prepared) when questions come up. Listen in!


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