Saving Christmas (From Ourselves)

Something seems broken about Christmas—not in its meaning, but in HOW we celebrate it.

Do you find Christmas too busy, too expensive, too sad, too shallow or too stressful? If so, you may be getting sucked into the Holly Jolly Hurricane that starts to blow every December, carrying all of us away from our sensible moorings in bluster of yuletide insanity.

In light of this, on November 26th at Westminster we started a 2-part mini-series: A Servant Christmas: How the birth of a Servant Saviour can make your Christmas more meaningful.

In it, we explored Matthew 1 and how to root ourselves in a more meaningful Christmas in very real, practical and biblical ways. This passage might surprise you; and it might also propel you.

The message is called “Saving Christmas (From Ourselves).” Listen in.

[In the message, there was reference to a handout with 23 practical ideas about how to colour your Christmas with service. To read it in blog form click here.]

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