Sunday September 8th, Pastor Ruttan lead our service and delivered the first message as part of a new series “Contentment: Being at peace in a culture of more more more!”  It will go over four Sundays and will focus on various aspects of being content in a consumeristic culture which, through envy/greed/constant comparison, can threaten to rob of us of the peace we have in Christ.

This Sunday’s message, called “Spiritual Billionaire”, focused on how in today’s media world we can easily fall into the trap of wanting what other people have… but this neglects the fact that in Christ we are spiritual billionaires — which is to say that by focusing on what we do have (forgiveness, eternity, fellowship with God, purpose, peace etc) we’re less likely to be downcast by what we don’t.

We are encouraged to adopt two practical applications; 1.  Value spiritual things more than material things and 2. Thank God in our prayers for making you “A Spiritual Billionaire”.  Enjoy the message.


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