Sponge — Seeking, seeing and absorbing God in your daily thoughts

“Matthew, I just don’t always feel connected to God in my daily life.”

I often hear some version of this statement. And do you want to know the truth? If that’s an experience you can relate to, you’re not alone.

But just because you don’t feel connected, doesn’t mean you can’t be.

On June 10 at Westminster we explored our thought life. Given the fact that we humans are wildly impressionable, how we cultivate and organize our thoughts on a daily basis have a massive influence on our relationship with God.

So we explored three major influencers in our thought life — three influencers that can help you feel more connected to God, or which can make you feel less connected… depending on how you approach them.

This very practical message is called “Sponge — Seeking, seeing and absorbing God in your daily thoughts.” Listen in! And grow.


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