Still Lovable

Still Lovable

You’ve got a list of mistakes longer than your arm. You’ve missed the mark (in both the past and present), engaged in secret sins, foibles you wish you could forget, and failures or misplaced priorities that have hurt both yourself and others. If you’re being honest you know that there have been times when you’ve resisted God, cherrypicked the teachings of Jesus, and been apathetic towards the needs of others.

But guess what? Jesus died for you knowing you. You are still lovable.

Brothers and sisters, good Friday is “good” not because of what happened to Jesus, but because of what happened for you. Yes, that’s right, specifically for you. If that’s the case, what specifically did he do?

That’s what this Good Friday sermon explores through the lens of John 19. It explains the historical context of the crucifixion, the meaning of Jesus as the Passover Lamb who takes away the sins of the world, and some modern metaphors to help us better appreciate Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

Speaking about the precious and costly gift of salvation which Christ won for us, Richard Baxter wrote: “It was dear to Christ, but free to us.”

The sermon is called “Still lovable.”


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