Tarrying with a Lord you cannot see

Tarrying with a Lord you cannot see

Some topics get all the attention — like the apocalypse, loving our enemies, current social justice issues, or heaven and hell. “Abiding in Christ” isn’t usually on that list. And yet it is something Jesus tells us to do and which profoundly changes our lives for the better.

When thinking about experiences from your childhood which had a profound and positive impact on your development, you might not think to mention family dinners or those honest talks with a parent while going for a weekly walk. But those sorts of experiences (or others you may have had) were huge. In a similar way, “abiding in Christ” is huge. It might not make headlines, but it will nurture you over the long haul and even be a source of enduring joy.

This sermon explores Jesus as the true vine in John 15:1-17 and what it means to abide in him. A definition is provided as well as a very practical (and doable!) suggestion for living this out in your daily life. Someone once asked, “How do you spell love? T.I.M.E.”  “Abide in me, and I in you.”


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