The Battle is Real

The Battle is Real

This week’s message was the second in Pastor Ruttan’s exploration of the Gospels of Luke.

The message started with a quote from The Essential Guide To Spiritual Warfare Paperback, by Neil T. Anderson & Timothy M. Warner. “The difference between military warfare and spiritual warfare is that you are always in the battle, whether you realize it or not.”

Focused on Luke 4:31-44, Pastor Ruttan gave us a number of reasons why maybe our thinking works against us in this.  Many people think all of this “stuff” about demons is out of date, pre-scientific and modern times. He reviewed our biblical advice to help us understand it is not.

Pastor Ruttan suggests that we;

1. Acknowledge that the battle is real 2. Live securely under the sovereignty of the Lord.

“Satan can’t rule where Christ rules.” Pastor Ruttan

You can find sermon notes for this message here.  

Below you will find Pastor Ruttan’s podcast.  It contains extra material from additional research that is done, but which he doesn’t always share in the sermon itself.  It is for those who are hungry to go deeper. Like a tree with deep roots, rising high, secure against the bracing winds of the world, and sharing life with others, so is God’s word to his disciples.




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