The Cardinal Virtue

This Sunday Pastor Matthew continued with his teaching series “Apprenticeship 2.0: Working more closely with the Master to learn the Master’s craft more clearly.”

In Part 1 we explored the resurrection of Christ as the foundation of our faith. In Part 2 we looked at the call to repent, be baptized, and the gift of being filled with the Holy Spirit. On Sunday, May 5, we’ll explore how we are called to ethically live in the world. Sure, we all know about the great command to love God and neighbour. But since the word ‘love’ can be over-used and abused (and therefore misunderstood), we’ll explore what it really means in the New Testament. We’ll also explore the cardinal Christian virtue which is a kind of prerequisite to love if we are to be effective as Christ’s apprentices. One thing is for sure: Apprenticing under Jesus is a worthy focus for our lives.



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