The Right Thing, Not The Easy Thing

“Dear God, please make me stronger.”

I think that’s probably the #1 prayer for a lot of people. Stronger to do what you need to do; or to deal with health problems; or stress at work; or a family issue; or challenging friends; or to follow Jesus; or be the right kind of parent; or choose the direction to take or decision to make. Being stronger would be awesome.

So why do so few people get there?

I think it’s hard because we (a) misunderstand what strength is, and (b) don’t know what the Bible actually says about becoming stronger. So that’s what we’re talking at Westminster in a series called Stronger: 3 Keys to What Everyone Wants To Be But Few Achieve.

They say “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” And neither are you. You don’t need to arrive before the sun goes down, but you do need to lay some bricks. To help with that we’ll explore 3 things that you can do to become a stronger person. Starting now.

Part 1 on May 28 was called “The Right Thing, Not the Easy Thing.” Enjoy!

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