The Surprising Generous Exchange

There’s a huge misunderstanding out there that can creep into our thinking. It concerns how we are made right with God, with how we are “saved.”

It’s an understandable misunderstanding. After all, a lot of people think it’s true. It’s basically that what makes you right with God, or what “saves” you (both in this life, and what gets you into heaven), is being a good person.

But what if I were to tell you that was misguided?

On Good Friday, we explored (a) what it would be like if you stood before God on Judgment Day simply based on your own moral track record, and (b) the true, surprising, and wildly generous significance of what Jesus did on the cross.

Good Friday is called “good” not because of what happened to Jesus, but because of what happened for you. The message is called “The Surprising Generous Exchange.” Listen in!

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