The Trials That Refine You

The Trials That Refine You

During his message this week, Pastor Ruttan began a new series based on the book of James called “Down-To-Earth.”  It is a line by line look a the Book of James in the Bible.  Why is it called “Down-To-Earth”?  Because it presents godly wisdom that is understandable, practical and usable on a day-to-day basis.  You can find sermon notes here.

This week’s message was James 1:1-18.  Pastor Ruttan first reviewed what James teaches us about trials.  And then sifted down even further and focused on three key points;

  1. Trials should increase your self-awareness
  2. Trials should increase your maturity
  3. Trials should increase your wisdom.

Explore the how and why through this message.  It will help you today and tomorrow when you face difficulties and challenges.  They will “refine” you, removing unwanted bits – bringing us closer to Christ.

Trials don’t define you – they refine you.

Pastor Ruttan



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