There is a time for everything

On Sunday we gathered digitally at 10:01am via our live stream to GLORIFY God!

During Pastor Ruttan’s message, he talked about how we should centre ourselves in the beautiful-ness of glorifying God — something supremely important in a confused and blurry world.

Starting with the question of OUR times – How long, Oh Lord, how long? (Psalm 6:30) he went on to dive into Ecclesiastes 3:1-14.  The points made;

1. Seasons come to an end

2. There is meaning in the minutia

3. We are summoned to see the higher beauty of glorifying God Day by Day

These points will be helpful to you.  And particularly to Moms – who may be feeling a bit more burdened than usual.  We hope you find the message uplifting and practical.





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