Do you ever get tired? Do you ever get irritated? Put them together and you’re “Tirritated”!

Yup, I just made up a word. But it makes sense, doesn’t it?

Life can get complicated and overwhelming. And if we’re going to simplify our lives so that we can focus on key godly priorities, we need to think clearly. And that’s hard to do if we banish rest from our schedules and busy ourselves as if life itself depended up our every move.

I personally think that’s one of the reasons God COMMANDED us to rest. Unfortunately we treat this powerful wisdom like a fleeting suggestion instead of a command that will bring us closer to God, more joy, clearer thinking, deeper peace, and simplified lives.

This is what we talked about on May 20th at Westminster as a part of series called “Simply – How to simplify your life for God’s glory and your sanity.” The message is called “Tirritated.” Enjoy!

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