What The Floppy Fish Needs

It’s as if “individualism” is air we breathe. Our TV’s, social feeds and radios seem to pump out 24-hour messages about how life is all about YOU. The me-myself-and-I syndrome is hard to escape.

On February 25 at Westminster, we talked about how our culture of pervasive individualism can contaminate our thinking—even our thinking about our faith.

We first explored how individualism can take shape in the thoughts of many people today. Next, we looked at how to think about our faith from a more thoroughly biblical outlook. A good question to ask in the process is this: Is your faith about glorifying and serving God, or is your faith about getting God to glorify and serve you?

It’s Part 4 in our current teaching series called “Christian Atheism: Saying you believing in a life-changing God but living like it doesn’t make a difference.”

It’s hard for your life to be totally centred on a life-changing God when your life is totally centred on you.

The message is called “What The Floppy Fish Needs.” Listen in!


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