When you don’t love other people

“Hurt people hurt people.” That’s what someone said who was setting up a help centre for at-risk youth. He meant that when you experience deep hurt in your life, you often continue those patterns of hurt since it’s what you know.

In light of that, the opposite is also true: Loved people love people.

On February 11 at Westminster we got into Part 2 in our current teaching series called “Christian Atheism: Saying you believe in a life-changing God but living like it doesn’t make a difference.” It’s easy to say we believe certain things; but when our beliefs aren’t reflected in our lives, aren’t we basically living like functional atheists? (No offense to the atheists out there; but the point is that belief in a life-changing God should make a distinct impact on how we live.)

So we provided a biblical definition of love, how to live that way (because it’s not possible to do on your own), some practical next steps, and a story about throwing a birthday party for a prostitute that provides us with some inspiration.

Do you want a more clarity about this key ingredient to a more robust faith? Then this is for you.

The message is called “When you don’t love other people.” Listen in!


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