Why are we stopping?

March 10 is  the first Sunday of Lent which began on Wednesday March 6th (Ash Wednesday) — the 40 day period (excluding Sundays) that lead up to Easter. It is a time of spiritual preparation.

Rev. Allyson Voo began a series entitled “Vote for Pedro” which is about the Apostle Peter and will lead us through Lent.  What is it about?  Ever feel like your life is just going around in circles? Like maybe your opportunities have passed you by, or that your best shot at a happy and successful life has slipped through your hands? Not a chance! If Jesus can help transform the life of a nothing-special guy like Peter, just watch how He can make even YOUR wildest dreams come true!

Sunday’s message was entitled “Why are We Stopping?”  It is based on Luke 8:40 – 56 in which Peter has a single line yet is one of the stories that illustrates how he has to start to revise his thinking on how God works. It is the contrast of two worlds colliding – Jairus, the respected community leader and a woman, who is a social outcast that brings Peter to this place of reflection.



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