Why do people go to church less?

A few years ago I went into a grocery store and everyone was looking at me funny. Turns out I had pink barrettes in my hair! (I had been playing with my daughter and forgot to take them out.) As a result, I stood out. I was different.

Well, guess what. That’s you.

If you go to a church service on Sunday morning, you’re a part of the curious minority of Canadians who stand out because you are in church on Sundays.

On August 6th, I used my Sunday message to answer a question I sometimes get asked: “Why are people going to church less?” I first looked at trends in global Christianity, and then the situation in North America, to try and explain what’s happening. (If you ask me, more and more people are subscribing to a new religion. But I’m pretty sure it’s not one you’ve heard of before.)

All of this points us back to the more urgent question: Why go to church in the first place?

Listen in. Be challenged and encouraged for the journey in a changing society.


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