W.W.J.D. – What Would Joseph Do? (His Courage and Yours)

Something seems broken about Christmas—not in its meaning, but in HOW we celebrate it. Every December we can get easily swept away in an expensive, stressful and hectic bluster of candy-cane flavoured insanity.

So at Westminster we’re looking more closely at the nativity story to find out how we can make it more meaningful—and today explored the idea of courage. You might it surprising , but it’s a huge part of the story.

We looked at what courage is, how it takes shape in Matthew 1, how you can have courage yourself as a person of faith, and how it can make your Christmas more meaningful as we try to more closely honour the One who is the reason for the party.

The message is called “W.W.J.D. – What would Joseph do? (His Courage and Yours)” Listen in, be challenged, be surprised, and prepare for a more meaningful Christmas.



  1. Eileen Egyedy, Halifax N.S. : December 7, 2017 at 7:25 pm

    Just listened to this sermon. Interesting perspective on courage & service. I continue to enjoy your approach on the sermon by using story telling with excerpts from scripture to “bring the message” across to the listener. Interesting to hear Joseph’s part of the Christmas story as Christmas always seemed to focus on Jesus’s birth. Thank you for this…always thought provoking.

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