You go to who you know

You go to who you know

When you’re in over your head, who do you go to? You go to someone you know personally, who is trustworthy, and who has a track record of being helpful.

One of the reasons we don’t open up to God and invite him into our most desperate places is because, perhaps, we don’t truly know his heart. We think he’s too distant, too abstract, too severe, or maybe even too apathetic.

This sermon titled “You go to who you know” is from October 17, 2021 and is based on Hebrews 4:145:10. Pastor Ruttan centres on verse 16 to help us better understand God’s heart and, therefore, how we can approach God’s throne of grace for help in our times of need. When you know God’s heart, you’re more likely to open yours.

You can access the video or audio version of this sermon by the buttons provided in this post. In addition, Pastor Ruttan has been providing additional background to Bible passage that goes along with this sermon as a part of ‘The Pulse Podcast with Matthew Ruttan.’ You can hear that extra content here.


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