Your care for someone else can’t be big IF

Sometimes the most significant thing you can to do care for someone else is staring you right in the face… literally.

If you want to be a person of love; if you want to have capacity for compassion; if you want to have margin for mercy; if you want to have get-up-and-go to share goodness–even with people you just don’t like–then you need to be proactive about spiritually caring for yourself. Why? Because of this: “Love your neighbour as yourself.” A part of what that means is that your care for someone else can’t be big if your spiritual care for yourself is small. In other words, you can’t fill someone else’s gas tank if your own tank is empty.

This is what we explored in Part 3 of the Clench series as we brought it all together. The implications may be more significant than you think.

The message is called “Your Care For Someone Else Can’t Be Big IF.” Listen in!

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