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Nov 2021
Read the Bible in 1 Year (2022) - a talk with teacher Henna Kim

In 2022 Henna Kim will be leading and teaching a group as they read through the Bible in 1 year. The program is called “The Kingdom of God in the Old and New Testaments.” In this interview with Pastor Ruttan she explains what it is and how it works. She also talks about why the Bible is important for followers of Jesus, her favourite Bible character, and how a......

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Why trust the Bible?

By Pastor Matthew Ruttan At Westminster, we’re working through a teaching series called “Heaven and Hell: What does the Bible teach about what is true (instead of what we want to be true).” If...

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Is The Bible Reliable?

By Matthew Ruttan January 2017 You can hear the full podcast that discussed the brochure/blog below here: “Confident Convictions” Introduction The Bible is the world’s best seller. It’s also the most shop-lifted! It’s been...

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