Welcome Pastoral Care Team Leader Gayle Atkinson

We want to welcome our new Pastoral Care Team Leader: Gayle Atkinson!

As announced during the service on Sunday October 13th, Gayle is going to take on this very important volunteer role in our church.  Following in the footsteps of Cathy Clark – Gayle will recruit, equip and support volunteer visitors from members of our congregation.  She will also pass along any major concerns to Pastor Ruttan and the Oversight Elder, Mary Colvin.

Gayle grew up in a Alberta but moved to Stouffville in the late 70’s, continuing her volunteer life and joining St. James Stouffville.  She is past president of the women’s group, was chairman of the board of directors and is an elder (1995).  Her work life involved accounting and management in the oil industry followed by market research, financial forecasting and management in the pharmaceutical industry.  She’s married to Tom Morely and the mother of two adult daughters and step mom to a daughter and son.

Should you know of, or be in need of visitation yourself because of  illness, being homebound or in a nursing home contact Gayle at 705-627-9790 or gayleiatkinson@gmail.com.  Gayle also co-ordinates the church email prayer chain and you can request being added to that through Gayle as well.

May God richly bless this ministry and support those struggling with illness and loneliness.  Since we have outgrown our “elder district” model, this ministry is increasingly important to the spiritual health of our church.  Thank you Gayle for stepping forward!



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