Announcing our new Communications Coordinator, Kristin Stouffer!

Announcing our new Communications Coordinator, Kristin Stouffer!

Our elders are pleased to announce that Kristin Stouffer will be taking on our Communications Coordinator role effective Monday, September 19th! Her email will be .

For those of you who may not know her, Kristin is a graphic designer and photographer, has been a member of our congregation for the last several years, is a part of our small groups program, and is a key member of our technical team.

We will be commissioning Kristin in her new role during a Sunday service soon.

Kristin will be managing the church’s social media, podcast, YouTube channel and videos, email newsletters and communications, bulletins, worship visuals, graphics, website, etc.

Please take the opportunity to help and encourage her in her new role!

Look for an upcoming interview with Kristin this coming week (the week of September 19th, 2022) so you can learn more about her and her role. You will be able to find it on YouTube or our podcast called The Word at Westminster.


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